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RMS Points of Pride 2023- 2024


(1st Point of Pride):                                                                          Free Your Feels Wellness Program 

Riverdale Middle School became the pilot school for the "Free Your Feels Program" which is a youth mental health wellness awareness campaign encouraging Georgia's young people to explore their real feelings and share them fearlessly.

                                                                                            The impact that it is having within our school

1.     Increased Awareness: The Free Your Feels program helps the students understand mental health issues better, reducing stigma and encouraging open conversations about mental well-being.

2Improved Coping Skills: Students learn various coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges effectively. These skills benefit them throughout their lives.

3Enhanced Academic Performance: When students feel mentally well, they can focus better on their studies, leading to improved academic performance.

4Reduced Behavioral Issues: Mental health programs often address underlying issues that may contribute to behavioral problems in school. By providing support and resources, these programs can help reduce disciplinary issues.

5Better Social Relationships: Improved mental health can lead to better social interactions and relationships among students, fostering a positive school environment.

6Early Intervention: Identifying and addressing mental health issues early can prevent them from escalating into more serious problems later in life.

7Empowerment: Mental health programs empower students by teaching them how to advocate for their well-being and seek help when needed.

Maria Ramos, SR. Program Specialist Voices For Georgia's Children

Dimples Desai, Senior Policy Analyst Voices for Georgia's Children

Taji Givens, Student Engagement Specialist Riverdale Middle School

Stanford Cox, Behavioral Health Specialist CCPS



















(2nd Point of Pride)                                                                                           Pi Day


Initiative or Special Recognition:

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant. Pi Day is observed on March 14th since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant figures of pi, and it was first celebrated in the United States. It was founded in 1988 by Larry Shaw an employee of San Francisco Science Museum, the Exploratorium.

                                                                                                  The impact it is having within our school: 

1.     Promotion of Interest in Mathematics: RMS Pi Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate mathematics in a fun and engaging way. It can spark curiosity among students about mathematical concepts, including pi itself and its significance in various fields.

2.     Hands-On Learning: Teachers often organize activities and competitions related to pi, such as memorizing digits of pi, calculating circumferences, or baking pi-themed pies. These activities make learning math interactive and enjoyable, encouraging active participation among students.

3.     Cross-Disciplinary Connections: Pi Day can serve as a platform to explore connections between mathematics and other subjects, such as science, engineering, art, and history. Students may learn about the historical significance of pi, its applications in real-world problems, or its role in understanding the universe.

4.     Cultural Awareness: Pi Day celebrations can incorporate cultural elements, highlighting how different cultures have contributed to the study of mathematics and the development of mathematical concepts like pi.

5.     Community Building: Pi Day celebrations often involve collaborative activities that foster a sense of community among students and teachers. Working together on math-related challenges can promote teamwork and peer support.

6.     Creative Expression: Students may engage in creative projects related to pi, such as designing pi-themed artwork, composing pi-inspired poems or songs, or creating pi-digit visualizations. These activities allow students to express themselves creatively while exploring mathematical concepts.

7.     Educational Outreach: Pi Day events may extend beyond the classroom, involving parents, community members, and local organizations. This outreach can raise awareness about the importance of mathematics education and promote positive attitudes toward learning math.









Pi Day Photos


(3rd Point of Pride):                                              Clayton County 2024 Regional Science & Engineering Fair

​Description of the initiative or special recognition:   RMS Student Caleb White competed at the Clayton County 2024 Regional Science & Engineering Fair. We are extremely proud of all your hard work, investigations, research, experimentation, and collaborations toward your amazing project “How do certain liquids affect the growth of a plant.?” Caleb won 2nd Place at the District Level.

Explanation of the impact it is having within our school:

1. Recognition and Pride: The student's achievement brings recognition to the school, fostering a sense of pride among students, teachers, and administrators. It highlights the school's commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

2. Motivation and Engagement: The success of one student can inspire others to pursue their interests in science and participate in future science fairs. It motivates students to engage in hands-on learning experiences and explore their curiosity about the natural world.

Science Fair Photos


(4th Point of Pride)                                                                          Dad's & Donuts   

Description of the initiative or special recognition:   RMS Dad’s and Donuts gathering provided an opportunity for fathers (father figures) to spend quality time with their children in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. This event involved sharing donuts and other breakfast treats while engaging in various activities together.     


Explanation of the impact it is having within our school:

1.  Bonding Time: This event created opportunities for fathers to bond with their children in a fun and informal environment. Sharing a meal fostered connections and strengthened relationships between fathers and their kids.

2. Parental Involvement: This "Dads and Donuts" event encouraged parental involvement in children's lives and education. By participating in this event, fathers demonstrated their support for their children's school activities and showed the importance of spending time together.

3. Positive Role Modeling: Fathers who participated in "Dads and Donuts" served as positive role models for their children and others in the community. They showed the importance of being present in their children's lives and engaging in activities that promoted family bonding.

4. Community Building: This event contributed to building a sense of community within schools and neighborhoods. They provided opportunities for families to connect and strengthen social ties among parents and children.

5. Supporting Education: This "Dads and Donuts" event also served as a platform to promote education and literacy.

6. Memorable Experiences: The RMS children, created lasting memories of spending special time with their fathers. These positive experiences can have a significant impact on children's emotional well-being and sense of belonging within their families.

7.  Inclusivity: While the name suggests a focus on fathers, our "Dads and Donuts" event was inclusive of all caregivers and family structures. Our school welcomes mothers, grandparents, or other relatives to participate, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.


Dads and Donuts


(5th Point of Pride):                                                                            Grand Parent's Day

                                                                                Description of the initiative or special recognition:

Grandparents Day served as a reminder of the importance of family bonds, the value of intergenerational relationships, and the role that grandparents play in shaping the lives of their grandchildren and future generations. RMS Grandparent’s Day was a time to celebrate, honor, and cherish the special connection between grandparents and grandchildren.


                                                                       Explanation of the impact that it is having within our school:

The impact that GrandParent's Day had on our school was to enrich the school experience by promoting community engagement, inter-generational learning, and family involvement. It helped to celebrate the important role that grandparents play in our students' lives and fostered a sense of belonging and connection within the school community.

OMS Grandparents ' Day 2023 | Olympia Middle School



GrandParents Day